Traks Pro UAE (ATC23001)

Accredited Testing Centres

At the heart of the IPSQA certification scheme are Accredited Testing Centres (ATCs).

ATCs are highly reputable entities ranging from commercial training centres, not for profits, to government academies that can provide candidates access to the IPSQA certification scheme. They are able to proctor (supervise) Part A (Theory) examinations and assess Part B (Skill Assessment) requirements using internal or external assessors registered with IPSQA. This allows ATC’s to provide access to the entire range of IPSQA certification schemes. 

ATCs coordinate and administer Part A and B requirements, leaving the candidate to submit Part C (Professional/Experience) requirements directly to IPSQA to ensure independent assessment in accordance with ISO17024. 

Unless an exemption is provided, all categories of ATCs must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a Public Liability Insurance policy no less than USD$500,000
  2. A minimum turnover of USD$250,000
  3. Conduct >50 IPSQA CertPubS® Part B or >500 CorePass® assessments per annum
  4. Hold ISO accreditation or government approval as a higher or vocational education organisation 
  5. Maintain a Quality Management System 
  6. Maintain >10 internet enabled tablet or desktop devices (for online examination)
  7. Maintain >3 IPSQA registered assessors (may include freelance contractors)
  8. Maintain >2 IPSQA registered administrators 
  9. Letter of recommendation from an IPSQA Certification Commissioner
  10. Demonstrate they have sufficient experience, integrity, resources, facilities and personnel to undertake IPSQA related activities
  11. Quality assurance visit and facility 
  12. Sign the IPSQA Accredited Testing Centre annual license agreement. 


KRP Thailand (ATC 23002)

IPSQA accredits three categories of testing centres:

Commerical ATCs are able to offer testing to all candidates without restriction, including assessment outside their country.

Government ATCs are those who are not a commercial entity and limit the provision of IPSQA assessments within the government sector only (including government volunteers) and their own country.

Government entities wishing to provide IPSQA assessment external to government entities or outside their own country must apply under the Commercial category. 

This ATC category is restricted to entities that hold charitable organization status and only provide IPSQA assessment to volunteers within their own country.

Not For Profits wishing to offer IPSQA testing to others, must apply under the Commercial category. 

Expression of Interest

IPSQA is taking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for future Accredited Testing Centres. 

If you are interested in becoming an ATC, please complete and submit the following form.