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Latest News

IPSQA is excited to announce it’s new certification standard for adventure zip line rescue.

Dr Steve Glassey, CEO of IPSQA was interviewed by the New York Times on the recent Taiwan earthquake.

IPSQA offers ITRA Instructors to become IPSQA Assessors for FREE (*conditions apply).

IPSQA’s flagship certification scheme, CertPubS® is the only ISO 17024:2012 program with Foreign Interference Protection.

National Security Protocol

IPSQA provides certification options for government entities to provide national security personnel access to civilian certifications without compromising security.

IPSQA® introduces the inaugural ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification program specifically for the NFPA 1006 technical rescue training criteria.

Our certificates now support displaying an alternate name using Unicode characters, allowing candidates to proudly showcase their native name.

IPSQA brings to market the first ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification scheme against the DEFRA flood rescue training requirements.

Micro-credentials launched. With our CertPubS® focusing on full role certification, new IPSQA micro-credentials will allow independent assessment in accordance with ISO 17024:2012

Certification Commission

Certification Commissioner vacancies The IPSQA Certification Commission is currently recruiting for additional Commissioners to provide oversight and industry connection to our Certification