Time for change

Every year, emergency service training organisations spend thousands, even millions of dollars on an outdated accreditation model that continues to fail learners and provides poor return on investment for public funds. IPSQA revolutionizes public safety qualifications through a new model of certification, that reduces complexity, cost and improves recognition and collaboration. 

Many competency systems have become so costly to implement and maintain, that agencies are looking at alternatives that also provide better value for public funds. For many agencies who have adopted state or national accreditation systems, the focus has moved from high impact training, to monotonous compliance box-ticking, often at the expense of learners who then dis-engage from such formal training.

These systems are also touted as nationally recognised, but often when practitioners move from one jurisdiction to another they are often not recognised and have to recomplete training; and the verification of such training is also not available real-time which is often useful in public safety emergency response. 

The IPSQA certification scheme focuses on professional qualification standards for a specified public safety role. 

Old School or New School?

Are you still using an Old School model? Maybe its time to switch to New School – IPSQA. Compare the tabs below to see the benefits.