Easy to implement end point assessment

IPSQA’s CorePass® provides Accredited Testing Centres a simple self-regulated assessment system for elementary public safety competencies aimed  at the general public. 

CorePass® is not certified pursuant to ISO17024:2012 and with less compliance requirements, it is even easier to implement with assessments being able to be carried out by the instructor and a lower requirement for quality assurance by comparison. 

Assessments are carried out against CorePass® standards and by IPSQA Registered Assessors. Quality Assurance is simplified within CorePass® with Accredited Testing Centre’s responsible for determining the scope of their assessors and the moderation of their assessment tools. 

ATC’s can chose to offer CorePass® as a stand-alone assessment, or integrate it with their existing training offerings as end-point testing. 

CorePass® is available for a wide range of basic skills such as first aid, fire extinguishers, water safety, tactical communication, community disaster response and more.