IPSQA® ProQual

IPSQA® ProQual is the world’s only ISO 17024:2012 compliant role certification against NFPA training standards, providing independent assessment by specially trained assessors, robust quality assurance, auditable evidence retention and a consolidated real-time QR verifiable transcript.

IPSQA does not offer training but allows candidates with previous training from other sources to participate in the new certification program.

IPSQA has identified the theory and practical training elements from the respective NFPA standard and codified these in two parts: Part A (Theory) and Part B (Skills). 

Using industry experts who have undertaken additional training to conduct assessments under IPSQA’s ISO17024:2012 certification system,  technical rescue professionals can now provide proof they are competent and ready to respond, regardless of their training journey.

Unlike our Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS®), IPSQA ProQual is based off a national standard (NFPA) and this does not require post-training experience or professional requirements as part certification (i.e. Part C). 

ProQual is now being expanded beyond technical rescue (NFPA 1006) to other NFPA Standards such as Firefighter I, Firefighter II, HAZMAT and more. Contact us for further information. 

Any training, one certification.

IPSQA ProQual is easy as 1, 2, 3.

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