Demonstrate your subject matter expertise as an IPSQA Assessor and create global opportunities.

If you already are a subject matter expert in one of our subject areas, you may be interested in becoming an IPSQA Assessor for a range of certification products including:

  • Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS®) and micro-credentials
  • CorePass®
  • ProQual
  • DefraQual™

As IPSQA is not a training system, so as an Assessor you will work with through an ATC to provide assessment of candidates. ATC’s take care of the administration and provide you all the required documentation ready for the assessment activity. You simply carry out the assessment in accordance with our processes and hand over the documentation and assessment evidence to the ATC for processing.

As an IPSQA Assessor you may just carry out assessments for your agency that is an ATC, or you may work as a freelance assessor collaborating with ATCs around the world, creating new networks and income streams.

Start the online training now to start your Assessor journey.