IPSQA brings to market the first ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification scheme against the DEFRA flood rescue training requirements.

IPSQA® DefraQual™ is the exclusive ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification for roles aligned with the DEFRA Flood Rescue Concept of Operations training module guidelines. It offers independent assessment by specialized assessors, stringent quality assurance measures, secure evidence retention, and a consolidated real-time QR-verifiable transcript.

While IPSQA does not provide training, individuals with prior training from other sources can enroll in the new certification program. The program breaks down the DEFRA Flood Rescue Concept of Operations training modules into two parts: Part A (Theory) and Part B (Skills).

By leveraging industry experts who have received additional training to conduct assessments within IPSQA’s ISO 17024:2012 certification framework, water rescue professionals can demonstrate their competence and readiness to respond, regardless of their training background.

In contrast to our Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS®), IPSQA DefraQual™ adheres to a national standard set by DEFRA and does not mandate post-training experience as a certification requirement (i.e., Part C).

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