IPSQA® introduces the inaugural ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification program specifically for the NFPA 1006 technical rescue training criteria.

IPSQA® ProQual is the premier ISO 17024:2012 compliant certification program designed for the training levels outlined in the NFPA Standard 1006 for technical rescues. It features independent assessment by specialized assessors, rigorous quality assurance protocols, secure evidence retention, and a consolidated real-time QR-verifiable transcript.

Although IPSQA® does not offer training, individuals with prior training from other sources can participate in the new certification initiative. The IPSQA® ProQual program deconstructs the NFPA training requirements into two components: Part A (Theory) and Part B (Skills).

Through the utilization of industry experts who have undergone additional training to conduct assessments within IPSQA’s ISO 17024:2012 certification framework, technical rescue professionals can showcase their competency and preparedness to respond, irrespective of their training background.

In contrast to alternative programs, IPSQA® ProQual incorporates several quality assurance protocols, ensuring multiple safeguards are in place before issuing a certification. Evidence, such as candidate performance photographs, is uploaded during processing and subjected to passive auditing. No more can candidates turn up and hide in a corner and still walk away with their certification, under IPSQA® Assessors are accountable for providing robust and independent assessment.

Differing from our Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS®), IPSQA ProQual aligns with the national standard established by NFPA and does not necessitate post-training experience as part of the certification criteria (i.e., Part C).

Graduates of the certification scheme receive a certificate and wallet card (they can cut out and laminate) providing real-time verification of their NFPA compliant certification and any other certification achieved through IPSQA®.

IPSQA® is exploring to offer other NFPA compliant training certification beyond technical rescue, if interested contact us for further information.

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