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When emergencies happen, minutes count. First responders need to drive with purpose and urgency to incidents whilst balancing the need to ensure public safety is not compromised.

IPSQA 3007:2022 is the Public Safety Qualification Standard for Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVO) under the Authority’s certification scheme – the IPSQA® Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS®).

The CertPubS® is the world’s only multi-disciplinary public safety role certification scheme that requires knowledge, skills and experience. Certified to ISO 17024, the CertPubS® credential ensures candidates have been independently assessed giving organisations and the public confidence in their abilities.

IPSQA 3007:2022

In brief, candidates for IPSQA 3007:2022 must demonstrate:

  1. Holding a government issued driver license for the vehicle type/class being operated
  2. Knowledge of emergency driving theory including vehicle dynamics, skid management, procedures and law.
  3. Demonstrate practical skills in navigating and driving to an incident under emergency operating conditions.
  4. Provide a portfolio of attested evidence verifying application and experience of emergency driving skills and knowledge

This certification requires completion of three parts:

  • Part A: Online theory examination
  • Part B: Practical skills assessment by an IPSQA Assessor
  • Part C: Completion and submission of an evidence portfolio of emergency driving experience.

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