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Welcome to the IPSQA Course: Assess Candidates (ISO 17024:2012)

The Assess Candidates course is aimed at assessors and administrators who need to have a solid understanding of the IPSQA system, in particular how to proctor examinations and perform skills assessments in accordance with ISO 17024:2012. The course takes approximately 10 hours, including undertaking a mock assessment of a candidate and uploading related evidence for feedback.

There are four modules that you must complete as part of this course. These are:

  • Part 1 An Overview
  • Part 2 Assessment System
  • Part 3 Assessor Practicum
  • Part 6 CorePass®

Each module has a quiz which must be passed before proceeding to the next. Upon completion of all quizzes and successful feedback from your mock assessment you will be issued a certificate of completion for Assess Candidates (ISO 17024:2012). You can download the PDF of the presentations for future reference from the “Materials” tab.

After the Course: Becoming an Assessor or ATC Administrator

If you are approved to move forward to become an Accredited Testing Centre (ATC) Administrator, then there are additional modules and requirements to meet. If you are  intending to become an IPSQA Assessor, you will then need to undertake mentoring carrying out assessments under supervision and then be able to apply to become registered.

Additional modules outside the scope of this online training include:

  • Part 4 Administration
  • Part 5 Internal Quality Auditor
  • Part 7 Assessment of National Security personnel
  • Part 8 Moderation