Application Fees (Initial)

Accredited Testing Centre $500 (excludes annual fee if accepted)

Annual Fees 

Accredited Testing Centre (Commercial & Government  NZD$4,500

Accredited Testing Centre (NGO) $1,500

Assessor Registration (per assessor) $195

Administrator Registration (per administrator) $100

Minimum activity applies to ATCs and Assessors to maintain status. 

Certification Fees

CertPubS per part $125, per candidate

Micro-Credential per part $75, per candidate

DefraPass $75 per candidate

ProQual $75 per candidate

WorkQual $75 per candidate

CorePass $25 per candidate

The above fees are charged to the ATC. Freelancer assessors working under an ATC may be charged administrative or other contract fees as negotiated between parties. 

Other Fees

Assessment Tool Moderation (IPS006) Report $500 (includes draft and final versions)

New Non-ISO certification sponsorship $2,500

New ISO certification sponsorship $5,000

Lapel pins $5 (excludes shipping)

Prices in New Zealand Dollars (NZD), exclude Goods & Service Tax (GST/15%) and subject to change without notification. As at 25 March 2024.