This limited time offer is available to instructors who hold an external credential as outlined in our Approved RPL Matrix.

It is important to note that given IPSQA is not a training system, we do not offer specialty specific instructor certification.

This RPL offer only applies to the award of IPSQA role certifications and with the exception of holders of NFPA1041*, no instructor certification is issued.

However, this RPL process does allow sufficiently experienced and qualified instructors to gain the IPSQA certification for their respective specialty, often as an operator, technician or specialist.

Instructors seeking to become an IPSQA Assessor do not necessarily have to hold the IPSQA certification they wish to assess, but they do need to demonstrate equivalence with significant experience.


  1. In addition the credentials listed on the Approved RPL Matrix, candidates must also supply a Curriculum Vitae and evidence of active instruction since the award of their external instructor qualification (this may include links to social media posts that confirm the instructor’s activity).
  2. All RPL applications including under the Approved RPL matrix are at the discretion of IPSQA and fees are not refundable.
  3. Candidates must also disclose any serious wrongdoing, sanctions or convictions that may affect their suitability for consideration as an IPSQA Assessor.

See Approved RPL Matrix.

* Additional requirements as prescribed in the RPL matrix. Instructors who hold a relevant emergency service or public safety qualification, along with a specialized higher education qualification in adult, tertiary or vocational education may also apply for RPL for the IPSQA Public Safety Instructor certifications.