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IPSQA CertPubS Limited Rope Accessr (LRA) Part A

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What is the duty of limited rope access operators?

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What best describes the working at height system illustrated below?

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What best describes the working at height system illustrated below?

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What best describes the working at height system illustrated below?

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What best describes an "exclusion zone" used in rope access?


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Exclusion zones are primarily created to prevent injury from?


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When using tools during rope access, what precautions must be taken?

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Identify the most appropriate rope to be used for rope access from the selection below.

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Which type of harness is typically used for rope access work?

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What is an example of "a back up" device?

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What is an example of "descender"?

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What is an example of an "ascender"?

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What is an example of an "carabiner"?

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Generally, handled ascenders are designed for a maximum load of?


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When using carabiners, what is a good rigging practice?

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When using descenders, what is a good operating or rigging practice?

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What illustration has the correct corresponding fall factor?

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