Code of Conduct 

The IPSQA Code of Conduct applies to staff, contractors, administrators, commissioners and assessors. 

  • behave honestly and with integrity in connection with IPSQA activities;
  • act with care and diligence in connection with IPSQA activities;
  • when acting in connection with IPSQA activities, treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and without harassment;
  • when acting in connection with IPSQA activities, comply with all applicable laws of the country in which the activity is undertaken;
  • comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by someone in the employee’s Agency who has authority to give the direction;
  • maintain appropriate confidentiality about IPSQA activities, documents, passwords and information;
  • take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent) and disclose details of any material personal interest;  
  • use IPSQA resources in a proper manner and for a proper purpose;
  • not make disparaging remarks against another IPSQA staff member, contractor, commissioner, administrator or assessor in public*; 
  • at all times behave in a way that upholds the IPSQA Values, and the integrity and good reputation of IPSQA;
  • comply with requirements that is prescribed by IPSQA policies, directives, guidelines, codes, procedures and quality management systems.
  • ensure academic integrity of IPSQA activities, by not engaging or assisting in cheating, fraud, plagiarism, unauthorised collaboration, falsification, impersonation, use of unathorised materials, disclosure of examination content, or any other form of academic malpractice. 
* Public includes any audience, social media or virtual platform with 10 or more persons.


We work to ensure our range of products are consistent in value and nature across our stakeholder industries. No one subject area is more important or influential that another. 

We act to provide an inclusive environment for any persons, countries and organisations to participate in our schemes where they are committed our values, with the exception of complying with any international trading restrictions legally imposed on us. 

We work to do the right thing to uphold the integrity of our reputation, products and services. We take responsibility for our actions. 

We adopt an operating model that is sustainable and respects the value of peoples expertise and qualifications, through using professional staff, contractors, commissioners and assessors who are accountable to deliver results. 

We ensure our supporters are treated equally and given the same opportunities and voice to influence our enterprise. We act with humility regardless of the status we hold in our profession.